Northburn Station is currently having a closing down sale of its wines.  The special prices listed above are available online until stocks run out.

Northburn Station Cellar Door and Restaurant (The Shed) is now closed following its sale to Cloudy Bay (LVMH). 

All queries regarding wine sales please contact Rachael on 03 445 1259 or email


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17 January 2013

Don’t let your mind trick the taste buds

When drinking wine it is worth considering just how powerful your mind is and how it can override your taste buds and your perception. Have you ever drank a bottle of wine for a second time and thought, “That’s not as good as last time”? Or have you ever had a bottle and thought, “That doesn’t taste as good as it did at the cellar door when I bought it”? Most of the time this will be down to you and how you have changed since the first time you tasted that wine.

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