Northburn Station is currently having a closing down sale of its wines.  The special prices listed above are available online until stocks run out.

Northburn Station Cellar Door and Restaurant (The Shed) is now closed following its sale to Cloudy Bay (LVMH). 

All queries regarding wine sales please contact Rachael on 03 445 1259 or email


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22 September 2011

New Vintage

2011 vintage has come and gone.   The Pinot Noir was quietly sleeping in the cellar – but now the secondary (malolactic) fermentation has started slowly and gently as the cellar warms.  Too early to give too much away on the final wine – but the fruit was beautiful and the fermentations text-book clean – so it all bodes well ... 

5 September 2011 Award winning photography
22 March 2011 10th Harvest Begins

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