Father Time and Mother Nature

Posted by Shane Livingstone on 28 April 2011 | 0 Comments

Our tenth harvest is all in with beautiful ripe fruit in clean bunches, sent off to the winery for Richard and the winemaking team to babysit until they mature into the wine you will enjoy in the forth coming years. It’s been a year that has required a lot of hard work to get right. At the start of the season Father Time must have gone to the pub because Mother Nature was in a great mood and everything grew really well, but for us in the vineyard there was not a lot of time around to keep up with the work. The second half of the season Mother Nature got a little annoyed with Father Time spending so much time at the pub and her mood turned cold and teary which made our job even more fun in the vineyard. What does all this mean?  The fruit was excellent!  Plenty of character and flavour with good ripeness levels across the board. The ripe tannins and suppleness will lead to wines of more finesse and structure.  Richard assures us that this is being reflected in the winery with even and clean ferments, hardly a hand being laid on the fermenting fruit, always an indication of a job well done in the vineyard!