Summer in the Vineyard 2013

Posted by Shane Livingstone on 1 February 2013 | 0 Comments

Every vintage is different and in Central Otago this really rings true.

As for this season so far....cooler most definitely yes, more unsettled yes, windier yes.

But as the vineyard crew works diligently through the vines, removing laterals and thinning bunches to the appropriate levels, we are finding this has the potential to be a very good season. Strong healthy canes, well structured bunches, no disease outbreaks, good fruit exposure and all the important dates are right on schedule for a great harvest.

Many people talk about the cooler vintages being there best ones as the wines show better for longer with good structure and fruit intensity and acidity. Also blessed with a fantastic site we have no problems getting the fruit to full ripeness and expression.

Now as we approach verasion (berries soften and change colour, sugars rise and acids drop) within the next couple of weeks and the work slows we can quietly look forward in anticipation of what is to come.


Shane Livingstone
Northburn Station