Northburn Vineyard


The Northburn Station Vineyard is situated only a few hundred metres from 45º latitude south at an elevation of between 200m to 260m above sea level. Northwesterly facing for the sun, the vineyard gently slopes upwards from Lake Dunstan. Sheltered from the east and the south by the Dunstan mountain range it has its own unique climate. The site is very hot and dry during the grape growing season and, with a large diurnal temperature change during the cooler nights, it is ideally suited to the production of high quality Pinot Noir.


About 120 years ago the land was used by miners seeking their fortune in the gold bearing veins that still run beneath the vines. These mining washings and glacial fans dot throughout the property giving a mixture of sandy, stony loam top soil and subsoils varying between deep loose gravels and clay loams. This is ideal for the production of finely textured wines. 

Northburn vineyard was first planted in 1999 and the first wine was produced in 2001. Even at this early stage the fruit showed an intensity and definition that has continued to develop with later vintages. The 23ha vineyard was originally planted in 70% Pinot Noir with the rest planted in Riesling, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. More recently, under the direction of Cloudy Bay, the vineyard is slowly being replanted to be 100% Pinot Noir.